Helping the Positive message of Blues Music live on 




Steve Proctor
His background in the music business helps our events go from strength to strength

Sander Wolff
His experience with festivals, education and marketing helps LBBS connect with the community.

Joe Licavoli
Our Chief of Development makes sure we're where people need us.

Bob Barr
One of our founding members President of LBBS and a die hard Blues fan. Bob gives his all to the Long Beach Blues Festival and the artists who play it.


Do work in schools in the Long Beach area and get kids excited about the pure artistry Blues Music offers and inspire them to be part of the next generation.


Help artists from less well off backgrounds achieve the greatness in the art of Blues they crave.


Educate the next generation about where blues comes from and what it did for people in hard times.

Foundation History

  1. 1994 - Bill brings together some of the biggest names in music, including Dianne Warwick for his wish upon a song charity.
  2. 1997 - Bill earns praise from the community after the riots with his Unity Festival
  3. 2012 - Bill & Bob bring back a Blues Festival to Long Beach after years of its departure.
  4. 2016 - Bill realizes his dream and finally is able to start the Long Beach Blues Society.