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Long Beach Blues Society (“LBBS” or “Organization”) is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to keeping the music of blues alive and robust for this generation and generations to come. 

LBBS’s first purpose is to preserve this idiom of music that originated within the African American community.  We will implement this by encouraging, assisting and supporting those who sponsor, perform, and present the blues at festivals and other venues, by offering workshops and programs about the blues, by encouraging the dissemination of recordings and literature relating to blues music, by supporting those who broadcast and write about the blues in print and online media, and related activities.

The Organization’s second purpose is to instruct the general public and music lovers through workshops and programs focusing on the music and styles of blues that have spread across the country, changing at each turn on the map.  These workshops will not benefit any particular performers, venue, festival or event, and will be carried out through a variety of collaborating agencies and organizations, especially including local public schools.

LBBS will encourage and support the dissemination of recordings and literature relating to blues music and those who broadcast (Radio, T.V., and Streaming) and write about in print and online media. 

The Organization is committed to supporting the legacy of blues music through all new and modern forms, not allowing the public to be hamstrung by purist mentality stifling creativity.  At the same time, LBBS will continue to teach the oldest and purest forms of blues so that those coming up in each generation will know where it all has been.  From there we will have the tools to teach blues artists, allowing the generational creative process to excel.