AUCTION ITEM #25. Minimum Bid = $25

'THE WHO'​ set of prints

Artist: El Imagenero

​Value: $250 (Per Work)

Size/Media: Black Framed Canvas 31.5 x 21.5

Artist Site:

Having studied engineering, religion, philosophy, law, and art, I find them closely related. Focused on relationships, revealing truths about where and with whom we live on the planet, I strive to let the viewer solve the riddle of what the relationships might mean. Some have called me a "philosopher with a camera." I don't deny it.

AUCTION ITEM #7, Minimum Bid = $10

Artist: Joel Astley

​Value: $120 (Per Work)

Size/Media: 4”x 6” watercolor and ink on paper

Artist Site: or

Joel Astley is a Seattle based artist and musician. I love drawing, painting, printmaking and playing music!  I am a Blues lover; been playing in bands for around 7 years; I  am an award winning harmonica player (Washington Blues Society 2018,2019,2020), vocalist (Washington Blues Society 2019) and songwriter (Washington Blues Society 2020). In the early weeks of the pandemic shutdown, I began a weekly live art studio show on Facebook which you can find on my Page every Sunday at 6pm pacific. You can also find out more about my art and music on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you!


Current Bid = $25

AUCTION ITEM #18. Minimum Bid = $25

art in music Fundraiser

“Aqua Guitar”


Minimum Bid = $10

E l   I m a g e n e r o

Artist: Troy Ness

​Value: $40

Size/Media: 11x14 paper

Artist Site:

Photo of Jason Ricci

“Red Guitar”

AUCTION ITEM #30, Minimum Bid = $10

AUCTION ITEM #19. Minimum Bid = $25

Eric Sardinas

R i v k a     N e h o r a i 

AUCTION ITEM #13. Minimum Bid = $25

AUCTION ITEM #15. Minimum Bid = $25

H o w   T o  B i d  :

Artist: Rebecca Bogdanoff

​Value: $30 (Per Print)

Size/Media: Professional prints approx 8x12

Artist Site:

Long Beach Based Rebecca Bogdanoff can be seen shooting most Long Beach music events and captures local heroes perfectly. 

Barbara Morrison

See Cory create this piece!


Minimum Bid = $25

R e b e c c a   B o g d a n o f f 

AUCTION ITEM #26. Minimum Bid = $25


Minimum Bid = $10

Photo of Ronnie Earl

A a r o n  C h a p m a n 

Photo of Chris Cain


Minimum Bid = $25


​$125 per print

Photo of Johnny Sansone


Minimum Bid = $25

Artist: Krystal Kozak

​Value: $30 (Per Print)

Size/Media: Professional prints 8x12

Artist Site:

Long Beach Blues Society regular Krystal Kozak continually donates her services to LBBS and can be seen shooting most of our events as you can see, Krystal has once again delivered with a delightful photo series which captures amazing talent from the blues scene. 

T r o y  N e s s 

K r y s t a l   K o z a k 

Artist: Craig Erickson

​Value: $50 (Per Print)

Size/Media: Professional 'SETS' of prints 8x12

Artist Site:​ OR

Long Beach based Craig Erickson is a long-time supporter of the Blues and Public Radio scenes of SoCal. An avid concert photographer who's shots can regularly be seen on Facebooks "musicUcanseemagazine" and "TheCollegeOfRockAndRollKnowledge" as well as his infamous "MrChairman" moniker which finds the famous chair in the best blues concerts around the country! 


Current Bid = $300

C r a i g   E r i c k s o n

AUCTION ITEM #17. Minimum Bid = $25

Artist: Brad Elligood

​Value: $125 (Per Print)

Size/Media: Professional prints 11x14

Artist Site:

Brad Elligood is a concert photographer, based in Costa Mesa, Ca. Brad's work can be seen on his Instagram page @bradelligood. For prints and pricing, he can be reached by E-Mail at


Minimum Bid = $25


Minimum Bid = $25

Bernie Pearl

"Monster" Mike Welch

AUCTION ITEM #27. Minimum Bid = $25

AUCTION ITEM #16. Minimum Bid = $25

A m a z i n g   d o n a t e d   A r t w o r k   a v a i l a b l e   f o r   y o u   t o   b i d   o n 

Photo of Rick Estrin

Complete sets of prints 8x12

Artist: Rivka Nehorai

​Value: $200 

Size/Media: Print 24 x 36

Artist Site:

Rivka Nehorai is a painter, art educator, and community builder. Rivka believes in the redemptive power of artmaking towards mental and spiritual health. She now lives with her family in California.

AUCTION ITEM #14. Minimum Bid = $25

Artist: Aaron Chapman

​Value: $150

Size/Media: Painted Canvas 16x20

Chicago born Aaron moved to LA over 30 years ago. As founding member of the Blues Express Band & One Love Reggae Funk Band Aaron is a highly respected musician in his own right. Since retirement and with time on his hands Aaron now also enjoys the visual arts and donated this canvas which he created to share the power that Blues Music has which shaped his profound sense of pride and gratitude in the African American cultural landscape


Minimum Bid = $10

Lester Lands

J o e l   A s t l e y 

Artist: Cory Bennett Anderson

​Value: $5000

Size/Media: 38 x 53, mixed media on wood panel, spray paint acrylic (large piece)

Artist Site:

Las Vegas native C Bennett describes himself as an “outside-the-box kind of person”. Now based out of Bainbridge Island, wa., Anderson’s popularity continues to grow with his work showing in pop-art specialty fine art galleries and public murals in his adopted home state of Washington. His ever evolving artistic style follows the common thread of trying to encourage community.


Minimum Bid = $10

AUCTION ITEM #31. Minimum Bid = $40

Preserving the Past - Promoting the Future!


Mick Fleetwood of 'Fleetwood Mac'


Minimum Bid = $25

Photo of Tab Benoit

'Fleetwood Mac'​ set of prints


Minimum Bid = $25


Minimum Bid = $25

'The Stray Cats'​ set of prints


Minimum Bid = $25

'Slim Jim Phantom of the 'Stray Cats'

C o r y   B e n n e t t   A n d e r s o n  

B r a d   E l l i g o o d 

AUCTION ITEM #12. Minimum Bid = $25

​​1. Find your artwork of choice, note the item # and current bid amount

2. Email the item # and YOUR NEW bid amount to

3. You will receive a confirmation

4. Bids will be updated as needed

5. Final bids need to be submitted by 11:59pm February 13th

6. Good luck and return to this page regularly for updates

C r a i g   E r i c k s o n

AUCTION ITEM #28. Minimum Bid = $25

*Payment must be received not later than January 8th 2021 in order to receive item

*Email delivery times will verify order of bids received.

*Winning bidders are asked to pickup artwork, alternativly items will be mailed.


Current Bid = $50

'The Rolling Stones'​ set of prints

Long Beach's local comic book producer Troy Ness brings his unique style of characters to the Blues with this special one-off created for the Long Beach Blues Society. Troy created the Legend City comic books which were produced locally.

AUCTION ITEM #11, Minimum Bid = $10

AUCTION ITEM #9, Minimum Bid = $10