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​Brunch was provided by and served by the selfless Gold Star Mothers volunteers, providing food to hungry vets, even treating them to apple pie! The Gold Star Mothers were happy to spend their usual Monday brunch to the tune of blues. Willy Aguilar returned on his birthday to the hospital. He commented, what an honor it is to serve and play blues for veterans. When asked why his birthday of all days seemed like the day to play, he exclaimed about the “privilege and joy to benefit veterans” and wouldn’t open his morning any other way than sliding up and down his guitar or blowing a harmonica for their benefit. Also featuring at the hospital was former Stacey Q member Rich West on guitar, who was glad to be serving the wing of the hospital where mentors and loved ones have passed through. Hopping up from the crowds, Alex Belandres, former member of the United States Navy Seabees, blew lines that put a spell on attendees wailing heart and souls without missing a beat.The intergenerational tone of the room, provided by veterans, volunteers, and musicians alike, brought smiles ready for red, white, and blue fireworks this coming 4th of July!

​With wailing horns and singing strings, the Long Beach Blues Society sprung up spirits in the spinal cord unit of the Long Beach VA hospital on Monday, July 2nd. As respected veterans winded in and out of the spinal cord unit, the sound of blues healed hearts of patients and volunteers alike. Veteran blues musicians of the New Blues Festival and Long Beach Blues Society provided the tunes through the brunch hour of the morning.

​The LBBS was thrilled to be apart of such an important event for a diverse set of faces, brought to us by the soul of blues music. A special “thank you” is extended to the Gold Star Family, the Long Beach VA Hospital staff and volunteers, and the volunteer musicians who played Monday. The society has plans to return to the hospital for more consistent shows, and are excited to lift the hearts of more veterans to come. At Long Beach Blues Society, we seek to curate more meaningful experiences for the entire Southern California community. Currently we are seeking support and raising funds so that we can play in more schools, community centers, and festivals to share the power of music with others.​​

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Thank you, Long Beach Blues Society

Long Beach Blues Society Adds Musical Flavor to Brunch at VA Hospital